Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fabric Love

I won some fabric. A particularly fabulous score! I won six one yard cuts these new manly designs, Curious Nature from Parson Grey by David Butler. Thanks, Nancy! I love them and they are such nice quality cottons ... I would like sheets out of a cotton that feels like this. I plan to make a man quilt with these. Some day. There are many other designs and colours in this fabric line, some of which I might just have to get to add to these that I have. Take a look at them here.

This lovely bunch of reds and greys is what I've collected for a quilt for Luke along with the Kona Pepper shown here, too. Kona Pepper is a bit softer than Kona Black. Luke said he wanted a red and black flannel quilt so that's what I plan to put on the back but for the front I'll make something of my own choosing. I have enough for at least two quilt tops so I think I'll plan to make a Plus Quilt (as seen here - from the book "Simplify" by Camille Roskelly) and a Greek Crosses Quilt.

I'm surprised that I haven't been able to find red and black flannel ... not even online. If anyone knows where I might find any, please do let me know.

These fabrics are ones I removed from the mix. As nice as they are, they're a little too "fresh" to play nicely with the others. I think.

While going through Mom's scraps, we found a few large pieces that I especially like. Don't you just love this vintage piece with the fence, banjos and guitars?! I imagine it as a panel on a quilt.

I love this green fabric. The design is so fine and it's obviously very good quality. Mom thinks it must have been Grandma's.

Especially interesting is that the selvage reads, "A Signature Fabric, "Rubaiyat", created by Vincent Malta of Associated American Artists, copyright 1955." I Googled the artist but didn't find anything. It's such beautiful fabric. I wish I knew more about it and how it came to be. I wonder if there are other fabrics in a series? Just click on the photos to see larger images.

These two are a couple of other larger pieces that I hope to put to good use. The bottom fabric is a heavier weight ... "home decor" weight. What to do with it? What to do?

So much fabric. So little time!
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  1. Dear Heather,

    It is part of a large series created by other American Artists. Here is a link for more info. There is another I've seen from 1953 titled "Iliad"


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