Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome to Louisville, Kentucky!

After an uneventful flight (that's a good thing) we landed in Louisville shortly after 1:00 pm and lickity split we were downtown and checked into the historic Brown Hotel. It's kind of famous around here much like our Bez, but older.  It's a beautiful old hotel for which Kevin got a really good room rate via That's why we're here instead of some less impressive and less costly hotel. As much as I've loved staying at the Inn at Woodhaven, the Bed and Breakfast we've stayed at other times we've visited here, we opted to try something different, especially since I don't feel I need the extra comfort a suite in a bed and breakfast provides. Still, I do love that place. LOVE IT!

After dropping off suitcases we went to the hotel cafe for one of their famous Hot Browns (background and recipe here). I've never had one previous years we've been here but they're an institution in Louisville and associated with the Brown Hotel, of course, so that's what we had. Delicious! Turkey, bacon, tomatoes, toast triangles, Monteray sauce, and parmesan cheese. I think those are the key ingredients. Really good but more than I need for lunch. It was a "must try", though, and I'm glad we did.

Shortly after we landed in Louisville, the rain started pouring down. I mean POURING! The car wipers could hardly keep up. The rain had slowed to a drizzle by the time we finished lunch so we grabbed umbrellas and started walking ... exploring downtown on foot. We've already visited some of our favourite places here. When the sun emerged, it felt like we were in a sauna! HOT! HUMID! STICKY! CURLY!  I thought my hair was curly before! Maaaaaan.  And now here we are back at the hotel chilling for a bit in our room. That 3:30 a.m. is catching up with me!

Oh, and about Luke ... after all, he's why we're here! Wel,l he and the team are already in Columbus, Ohio for tomorrow's game. We'll be driving there bright and early tomorrow. I think Nora and maybe Arden's girlfriend are going to come with us. Luke won't be playing. He's only recently started practicing with the team again after being off with a concussion. He may not play this year at all and instead might be "red-shirted", which would give him an additional year of eligibility so he could play next year instead. Otherwise this would be his 4th and last year of college lacrosse and the season is half over now.  Even if he were to start playing next week, he would only get 6 games or so in, which would be a disappointing way to finish. Whatever happens, it will be up to Luke and his coach. Luke had planned on going to school for another semester next year anyway so he could complete a double major, so red-shirting might be an appealing option to him even though I know it really kills him to not be playing now.

I can't wait to see him tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful hotel! Those Americans never do anything small haha that sandwich reminds me of the one I had at Hash House A GoGo in Vegas


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