Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bedford Road on a Sunny Afternoon

Bedford Road is a busy commercial street a block from our loft. On this sunny, Saturday afternoon it was so busy with people happily meandering in and out of shops and eateries. There was lots to see. I really enjoyed the little gourmet cheese (and more) shop as well as this fabulous book store. There were many other little places we poked our heads into.

I can't remember the name of the beautifully curated vintage clothing shop we stopped in to that was only a couple of blocks from our loft. We bought Hannah a stunning, long, indigo linen jacket that, as the proprietor suggested, looked like something Virginia Wolf would have worn. It looked like it was designed for Hannah so we bought it for her. While there, Hannah met a writer/editor who is interested in seeing some of Hannah's work so they exchanged contact information.

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  1. it all looks so great! the buildings, the awesome window lintels!! if that's the right terminology, not sure there but I LOVE them! and it just looks like a blast!!!

  2. Wowo, Mary! I have never heard that word. Are you an architect? Bedford really was a lovely street to spend a sunny, spring Saturday afternoon. It was just bustling with cool New Yorkers ... lots to see and do. I'm feeling nostalgic already and I want to go back!


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