Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday - Flyday

Saskatoon - snow. Toronto - rain. Baltimore - dark. Neither rain nor snow - neither hot nor cold. We're here!!

Our flight out of Saskatoon was a bit behind schedule so we arrived at Toronto airport just as our connecting flight was scheduled to load. Needless to say we hit the airport running. We ran along the moving sidewalks and ran and along the bits in between. Or at least I tried. I'm not so good at running. I was winded the whole way but no doubt! Do you know how far it is from the gate we docked at to the US departure gates?! It's a long way, I can tell you that. When we got to the place where we pick up our luggage to go through all the checkpoints before getting to our American gate, we told an Air Canada employee about our dilemma and she agreed that we didn't have much chance of making our flight and, in fact, she immediately booked us into another flight later that evening. Then she said she would see what she could do to help us at least try to make our flight. She was FABULOUS! With her help we were waved through the first checkpoint, then we were moved to the front of the line for the next. Then we just had to get through security. She moved us to the front of the line there and there was no trouble getting through at all. And then ... eeeeek! ... it was still another looooooong RUN to get to our gate. I couldn't believe it would be so far away!  More running. And, amazingly, we got there in the nick of time, thanks to Air Canada. And, nice surprise, friends from Victoria were on the same flight! It was just a little prop plane. 

Upon landing, we picked up our rented car and drove half an hour to College Park, Maryland and checked in to the Comfort Inn where the Bellarmine lacrosse team is staying, too. A quick bite out with the Kelly's and then back to the hotel to meet up with Luke. So nice to see him! He has a cold so Kevin made a Nyquil run and we all packed it in for the night! 


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