Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Home!

We have had a TOTALLY FABULOUS vacation! Of course, the main thing was that we were able to spend time as a family. We had Hannah with us most of the time and she was finally able to see her brother play college lacrosse. Kevin and I were able to see four of Luke's games, which was great. Luke's team, the Bellarmine Knights, didn't have the best run of away games and most of their competitors had the statistical advantage but seeing them play and cheering them on along with the many other parents who attended the games was a real treat for us. If we'd gone to Kentucky we would have been able to spend more actual time with Luke so there was a trade off.

Here we are with Luke and Arden, who is a long-time honourary family member, after their game at the University of Hartford. Arden is wearing the "Black Jack" shirt, which honours their coach, Jack McGetrick, who sadly died last year of cancer. If Hannah looks a little glum, it might be because she was very tired and chilled. All of the games were chilly events - at Harvard University (Boston) because it was an evening game, at Loyola University (in Maryland) because it was a cool, windy, cloudy, day, at the University of Maryland because the closed off the sunny side of the stadium and made us sit in the shade where it was windy and cold and in Hartford where the warm sun only peeped out a few times. At most of the fields there was some snow on the sidelines so it's not like we were basking in warm weather much of the time during the whole ten days we were away. I was very glad that I took a winter coat!
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