Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shopping In Downtown New York

Shopping was FUN! We didn't buy much but we sure enjoyed looking around and poking into shops we've only ever heard of and many we've never heard of! I was amazed at all these antique sewing machines - hundreds of them - all over the walls of this clothing store.

I bought a couple of crocheted hats from a downtown corner street stall. The woman who sold them to me crocheted them herself 'with wool from Canada'! I told her I was going to take that wool right back home again. I'm glad I bought the hats because some days I needed them to keep my head warm.

Kevin bought socks at Bloomingdale's and Hannah got a new shade of lipstick. I tried a perfume.

Kevin had gone into some men's stores while Hannah and I were in the Women's J Crew store and we agreed to meet in half an hour on the corner. Hannah and I were waiting on the corner for Kevin and suddenly Hannah calls out, "Hey, Steve!". And there was a guy Hannah knows just walking down the street ... in downtown New York. How does THAT happen??!!

We laughed at their being a Home Depot in downtown New York! What the ... ???!!

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