Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Harvard was so interesting and BUSY - it oozes history and is so well kept! There were so many lovely little spots to sit in park-like, secluded areas to read, study, eat, talk or just think. We didn't have much time there - just a couple of hours before the game.

Harvard has a co-op! YEAH! The campus is very attractive. A real mix of old and new. In the middle of all those beautiful old buildings and grounds is a real bustling, modern "downtown". Lots of modern upscale shops and little boutiques - cafes, restaurants, and bars. A real happenin' place. After the game Luke, Arden and Colton came with us to drive around Harvard (about 10:00 pm) and, as Luke put it, "you can smell the fun in the air". It's all very beautiful. In fact, what we saw of Boston in general was so pretty! I would really like to see more of it. The views along the water at night were spectacular!

Late at night we drove past MIT and were blown away by the architecture! VERY cool!! Hannah didn't join us on our trip to Boston. She stayed in New York at our very awesome loft and pretended it was her for real apartment. She read, cooked and had friends over.

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