Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hannah and Dani

Hannah and Dani! Dani is Hannah's friend who now lives in New York but they met in Vancouver within days of Hannah moving there after high school. These are taken after we got back from an amazing dinner out and before Hannah and Dani took Kevin out to a club with live music for the rest of the evening. I stayed home to sleep.

It's just as well I didn't go along because at was, with Kevin walking into a club with a line-up of three different bands playing and with two gorgeous young women, the guys at the bar assumed Kevin was some important music executive and, after Kevin bought himself and the girls their first drink, all the rest were "on the house". Kevin was wearing his "Zulu Records" t-shirt under his open collared shirt and since Zulu Records is a rather well-known music store in Vancouver, perhaps that's why they thought he was someone important checking the bands out. They had a good time!

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