Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scars - Maybe It's Time For A Tattoo

I don't know why my photos haven't been showing in the last couple of posts but I think I fixed them. Maybe it was a problem with "Blogger". I hope this works.

This is Alexa in the t-shirt and scarf we brought for her from New York. We got to spend some time with Alexa at Don and Syl's yesterday over one of Sylvia's wonderful dinners. Both she and Mikael are especially busy at this time of year with dance and music. Anytime we seem them in the next while will be on the stage.

I had a kind of crummy couple of days after getting my stitches out. I think they came out too early even though they were in a day longer than suggested. After they were out, the doctor commented that everything looked great but that I should be careful not to lean against anything hard for the next little while. I guess the wound wasn't quite sealed. I asked him about sleeping and he said that shouldn't be any problem. But it was. Everything was fine until I got into bed on Monday night and then with just the little shoulder shifts that happen getting into bed, I could feel some stinging on my back and I knew my wound had cracked open a bit. I hardly slept all night trying to stay still in a position that would prevent it from opening even further. Then I stayed very still all the next day hoping it would heal enough to prevent further opening. Before I went to bed on Tuesday night, Kevin used those little strip bandages that are supposed to act like "stitches" and hold a wound together but I wasn't even settled in bed when I felt the bandages unstick and I was in for another mostly sleepless night. The next morning Kevin rebandaged it but he rebandaged it all very heavily. Lots of bandages and lots of tape to hold everything together. So far so good. The wound hasn't cracked right open. Just a bit but it sure made me nervous that it would split even further. As it is, instead of having a little line scar, I'll have an oval one. Just another scar.

It feels like my body over the past couple of years has more than it's share of new scars all over the place. A mutilated breast and other scars under my arm, where my picc line was, scar tissue inside from the radiation, those danged little blue-black tattooed dots (radiation markers). And now a new one on my back. Oh, joy! If it bothers me, maybe I'll just get a for real tattoo over top of it. Any design suggestions?

Sunshine and melting was very welcome today! It's about time!



  1. Hey I always said I would get a tattoo when I turn 50. We should go together! I am very proud of all my battle scars - in spite of it all I'm still here!! :)

  2. Oh so not fun! I can understand this only too well! our miss V sliced her hand open on a box cutter blade last week and we just got the stitches out today and it seems to be a bit more open than I would like so we've been putting those butterfly bandage things on it too. I'm afraid she is going to open it up again. hopefully you will both heal very quickly!!!! It totally depends on where on your back the scar is for a tattoo, but I bet it could be come a flower!

  3. Hi Auntie Heather! It was great seeing you and Uncle Kevin on Wednesday night at supper. I feel so very famous everytime I am on your blog. My shirt from the bakery was a hit at school. People were asking were I got it, and I got to say: "It is actually from New York" pretty cool hey! But yeah, I guess the next time you will be seeing us is on the stage...OMG I perform on Thurday!!!! wow it comes faster than I thought. I hope your place were you got your stiches removed feels better. Love Alexa P.S. You know how I was telling you about "Oliver" the Musical Mikael and I are in with the Fireside Singers. I was wondering if I sent you a online poster for the show, mabey closer to the show dates, would you be able to put it up on you blog? If not thats totally fine. Bye for now!

  4. Oh, Mare! So sorry about Missy V! Box cutters! SHUDDER! Thanks for the tattoo suggestion. A flower ... maybe a flower with an axe head buried in it! Did I just think that? Angry Heather ... my alter ego ... surfaces every now and then!

    Hi Alexa! I'm so glad you like your t-shirt!

    Please DO send me your Oliver poster! I'd be happy to post it and the details about it on my blog! I'm sure I know some people who would love to see it!

  5. Oh, Berny! I love your attitude! It's an attitude I've always felt about the stretch marks and other indicators of my having given birth to my two wonderful kids but I haven't been able to endure these more recent scars so proudly. I should though since I'm still here and kicking! Maybe I'll get there. But for now I still resent and, in fact, despise all the visible signs of what I've been through. I'll bet they won't make me feel so hateful after I start to feel more "normal". I'm just not there yet.

    Maybe I'll feel better if I decorate myself up with a tattoo. Let me know when you're feeling WILD and CRAZY!!


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