Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Very Rainy Washington, DC

We had one day in Maryland with Luke and wouldn't you know that it was a day for torrential rains! We should have changed our plans and just gone to some indoor attraction but we carried on with our plans to see Washington, DC, which was only a 20 minute drive from where we were staying. We went with the Kelly family from Victoria, who we happily meet up with annually at Bellarmine games, and we piled into two vehicles. The only time I got out of the vehicle was to see the Lincoln Memorial, which was quite effecting. The photo of the Washington Monument is taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where the words of Martin Luther King are engraved on the floor. The pillars and ceiling are beautiful!

We drove around the Lincoln Memorial several times. It sits in the middle of a traffic circle near which we couldn't find any parking. Karen and I jumped out of the van, ran through the rain to see the memorial and ran back while Barry drove around in circles. Both Kevin and Barry kept taking wrong turns, which was SO easy to do, and we'd end up crossing a bridge that would take us to the airport and the Pentagon where we'd have to turn around and come back. Thank goodness for the Washington Monument, which always gave us some sense of where we were. We had a blast just driving around Washington and seeing the sights. Parking was such a nightmare and the rain was so torrential that we didn't actually get out to see much. It would have been nice to see the Vietnam Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, and Smithsonian, and more. There's so much to see in DC and most of it is very close. I'd like to visit again when we have more time and better walking weather.

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  1. It really was an amazing part of the trip! You were such a trooper, Heather, sticking with us as we drove in circles and across that bloody bridge. I love your pictures, they turned out beautifully.


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