Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Hour at Freeman's

On our first day in New York, Hannah took us to this cute little restaurant called Freemans. We sat at the bar and had a drink. The restaurant is situated at the end of one of the few (only?) back alleys in New York ... or that part of New York, at least. What a little, tucked away treasure! If you're interested, you can read a description and some reviews here.

The waitress was very friendly and when we said we were from Saskatchewan she at least knew where it was and, in fact, she said they had some people on staff who were originally from Calgary and Edmonton. For no particular reason, she just out of the blue recommended some good yogo studios to Hannah - ones very close to our loft. I found that very interesting because that is exactly the kind of thing Hannah would want to do while visiting another city ... find a nice yoga studio.

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