Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Spring a Girl's Thoughts Turn to Gardens and Bicycles

More life bustin' forth in the backyard! How exciting!

I'm still moving a little slower this week. Rats! Last Friday and Saturday I felt quite stellar in comparison. I wish I understood. *sigh*

Still, I had a good afternoon at work. I'm feeling quite accomplished and again I had a hard time closing down shop because I was on a bit of a roll. I got home in time to catch most of survivor. Man, that Russell is slimy!

I'm looking forward to my 2nd massage tomorrow morning. This weather is heavenly and I really want my bike. I was thinking about that, though, and as much as I want my bike, I'm not sure I have the energy or strength right now to ride it. It might turn out to be a big disappointment. Still, I'd like to have it out and ready for me to try as soon as I feel like it. I'd even just love to feast my eyes on it. And stand beside it in my pink boat shoes ... to see if they match as wonderfully as I think they will.

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