Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!



  1. Thanks honey .. you're the best. I see you're feeling tired and a little blue. I hope that changes soon. I miss hanging with you so here's a shout out back to you my little peep! xoxo

  2. Awwww ... thanks, Karen! Yes, yesterday was especially nasty. Today is already better, though. Thanks for being my peep!

    You must be home now. Isn't it a little sad? I so enjoyed hanging with our fam and soaking up the sun ... and our sons! Soon, though, they'll be HOME!

  3. Hi .. Yes, we're home. The pilot was kind enough to let us know just how chilly it was at the coast which made us want to turn the plane around. And of course, the first day back to work didnt help either.

    I wish we were all hanging out in the sun down south watching our kids playing lacrosse while we drink ice cold bevvies! Doesnt that sound like fun. You're right, it's going to be a long and busy month but they will be home soon. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my guy on a daily basis as I'm sure you are too :)



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