Friday, April 9, 2010

Big Time YoYo

I tried my largest size yoyo maker with some scrap fabric. Here it is in comparison.

I made yoyo's while watching and listening to Luke's game tonight. It was so nice to be able to watch it online and the quality was the best I've seen so far, too. Unfortunately, the Bellarmine Knights were beat by the Denver Pioneers. It must have been frustrating for the Knights because they dominated so much of the play but just couldn't capitalize on many opportunities. On Sunday they play the Air Force Academy, also in Colorado.

I am so lovin' my Epsom Salts! I can't believe what a difference that morning soak made to my day! How do I spell relief? You guessed it ... E - P - S - O - M!!! I was so conscious of the pain relief well into late afternoon. When I got home, I soaked again and while the difference wasn't quite so dramatic, it was definite. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight, too.

I was thinking of Ricardo a lot today ... wondering if he was watching the wind and snow combination in fascination. Or horror!



  1. Another Epsom Salt tip: I buy the "huge" bag at Early's. It costs around $30 and last half the year. I think it's a 20-30kg. Best deal I've found so far. I use Epsom salts very regularly - old remedies are often gold remedies!

    Hope the soaks continue to help, Bridget

  2. Thanks SO much for that tip, Bridget! I would never have thought of Early's for spa supplies! I'll be there! TODAY!!


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