Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a nice weekend we've had! Time with Ron, Patty and Matty on Thursday and then Darrel and Lynn stopped by for a while. Kevin, who doesn't have as early a bedtime as me, was able to get together with Kathy and Ricardo for a bit that night.

Friday night with the Peters. Awesome!

Saturday night Kevin and I attended a little office-plus "doo" hosted by Michael and JoAnn. It was such a nice event and a fiesta for the tastebuds, too! I LOVE potato latkes. At least JoAnn's potato latkes. I didn't have anything alcoholic and I think that made a big difference for me. I was able to stay awake a little longer and didn't suffer any of those especially nasty hot flashes. I think having wine on Friday night was a bad idea for me. I think it does induce hot flashes. Maybe other liquor does, too, but I wasn't going to test the theory on Saturday night. As it was, I slept more than 10 hours last night. I get SO tired!

Today, Don and Sylvia hosted an Acton Family lunch. Delicious and, as always, so prettily presented. I passed on the mimosas ... *sigh*.

The photo above is of the cornish game hens I made for dinner on Saturday night (we had plenty for leftovers tonight). I've never cooked them before so I found a recipe on the internet and gave it a whirl. They were VERY good! I'm amazed at how the flavouring really permeated the meat. I also made lemon roast potatoes for the first time, too. We'll be making them again.

Mom had done enough traveling lately so she didn't come in for the weekend. She had Gary over for a chicken dinner tonight. Hannah was researching and writing a paper today. Luke was recovering from Saturday night. I really miss having my kids home at Easter. I miss hiding eggs. I hate thinking of them NOT getting a proper Easter dinner.

I've made 50 yoyo's! I told Hannah I was making them and I was surprised that she knew what they were and then I was further surprised to know she LOVES yoyo's! Now I have a purpose for my yoyo obsession.



  1. Hey Heather! I don't know the facts but red wine apparently contains "tannins" which are known to bring on hot flashes. Perhaps ask your doctor. I have a friend who went through flashes and heart palpitations badly, induced by red wine. Your hair looks great by the way! Bridget

  2. Hi Bridget! Thanks for confirming my suspicions about wine. I think I'd best avoid it. I'll experiment with the occasional beer and see if I can manage that better.

    Thanks for your kind comment about my fluff. While it's still a little disappointing to me, it's sure better than being totally bald!

  3. Hi Heather, your cornish hens look just lovely!!! I may have to give them a try. I am loving your yoyo's as well. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Chantelle! Thanks so much!

    The flavour in those Cornish Game Hens was really great. I'm amazed that it really went through the meat so well.

    And you should know that all it takes is for someone to tell me they like "yoyo's" and they automatically end up on my list of project recipients. Don't hold your breath, though, I don't work very quickly.


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