Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Game Day and YoYo's

Today is a big home game for Luke's lacrosse team. They play Fairfield University. Fairfield has been on a winning streak and they're ranked considerably higher than Bellarmine. Still, they're beatable and they're beatable by Bellarmine. I hope the boys have a good game. We'll be following live stats right away.  I see from the roster list that Luke is "starting". That's great!
What a wonderful day yesterday! It was so nice out. Kevin did some yard work ... got leaves raked out of the carrigana hedge and the back lawn raked, too. Some garden beds cleaned up. We HAVE to build a new deck this year so Kevin's been giving some thought to that.

I did some laundry, some tidying and I made some yoyo's. Here are the first three I made. By the end of the day I had 16 of them! I'm using some 30's replica fabric to make them so they look a bit "vintage", as yoyo's are. I don't know what I'll do with them yet but whatever one does with yoyo's, one often needs many so I have a long way to go before I have enough for any real project.

Here is a quilt sold by Anthropolgie that uses various sizes of mostly BIG yoyo's (asking price almost $500 US). I quite like it.

Here's a quilt sold by Ethan Allen that I like, too (asking price around $750 US).

Here's a traditional one that the owner found in a the bottom of a box at a garage sale.

Here is a yoyo shawl that I think is very attractive ($60 USD on - the eBay of handmade things).

Click on the images to see a larger format.



  1. They certainly are beautiful. Here is a link to the one I like. Hope it works. Maybe in your spare time.... haha

  2. Hey, Berny! Those are sure extra-puffy yoyo's! They look like they've got little bits of batting stuffed into them! Cute and probably warmer than the usual yoyo quilt, too. I'll keep your preferences in mind just in case I get on a yoyo roll! You just never know. Hannah's, Luke's ... and then I promised Alexa ... and then if I make one for Alexa, I have to make one for Mikael ... and then Kathy, Josh, Graham, Allan, Meghan and Dawson ... and then Mom and Kevin's parents ... and then I'll be getting closer to being able to make quilts for friends!

    Based on my finished quilt success rate so far, even my kids would be wise to not hold their breath!

  3. I love the quilt from Ethan Allen :)

    It hurt to watch the game today .. so much potential. Missed you at Shenanigans tonight, glad you had a good dinner! Love to you and Kevin ... xo

  4. I think it's the way the colors go together and the lightness of the fabric that it like. It looks warm yet not heavy. You sure have a long line of people waiting for quilts! I might have to learn how to do this myself and make it. haha Right now I am working on rag quilts - they are more my speed, nice and easy :o)

  5. RAG QUILTS! I didn't know and I'm SO interested! Do tell! Or better, do SHOW! I told Hannah that I was making yoyo's and it turns out that she LOVES yoyo's! I didn't even know that. I think I have a purpose for my yoyo's now. So far I've made 50.


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