Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging to You From Sault Ste. Marie

Here I am, tucked into bed in my hotel room in "The Soo".  It was a full day of travel, which went very smoothly.  There were several people I knew on the same flight for the same purpose and some people I knew getting off in Toronto.  If you're going to have to fly, that's a nice way to have it.  And my colleague took good care of me! Thanks, Roger.  Having someone to help with the occasional lifting of a suitcase was most welcome.  Those of us who arrived on tonight's flight got here in time to catch the end of the opening reception, which was perfect.  It's good to connect with some people before the sessions begin tomorrow morning. 

It's 10:00 here and 8:00 in Saskatoon but it feels almost like midnight!  I'll be going to sleep right away and, hopefully, will feel rested for a full day of sessions tomorrow.

I must say that my shoulders are feeling steadily better ... I think.  They still hurt badly if I try to move them beyond their much limited range but they don't hurt ALL the time like they had previously.  I don't know if it's the massage, the epsom salts, the Wobenzym, and the magnesium product I'm taking that is making the difference.  Probably a combination of all of these and maybe ... just maybe .... it's the way Frozen Shoulder progresses through the stages.  Stage 1, as I understand it, is the stage of acute pain and limited range of motion.  Stage 2 is, supposedly, less painful but with very limited range.  Stage 3 is the "thawing".  No matter what you do or don't do, I believe that Frozen Shoulder goes through these three stages eventually taking months or even years.  Maybe it will go faster with my working at it.  I hope I'm in stage 3 but I expect I'm in stage 2. 

Good night!  I'll bet Kevin is enjoying a peaceful night at home. Right, honey?

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