Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awesome Turkey Dinner!

Rex and Erin had us over last night for a SUPER DELICIOUS turkey dinner with all the fixin's. Rex and Erin have been family ever since our sons became good buddies when they were 4 years old. It was lovely to be included in their family dinner. Brigetta was home with her boyfriend, John. Gavin was there. Rex's Mom, Shirley, and Jeff, Dee, Anika and Mia. I meant to take some food photos but in all the excitement, I forgot! It wasn't just good ... it was all very pretty! Erin was disappointed that her roasted carrots (with bits of green tops) didn't look "like the picture" but I thought they looked wonderful!

Maybe it was the wine, but I pooped out earlier than I had planned. I wonder if the wine didn't bring on some extra hot flashes, too? Hmmm ... maybe. Anyway, I ended up feeling a little "hot-flash whoozy" and so Dee dropped me off at home on her way to take her little ones home. Kevin stayed for festivities. I would have loved to stay, too. I'm not a very fun Heather these days because I'm always toast very early in the evening. I don't like it very much, but c'est la vie!

Jeff was wearing a utilikilt! He looks good in one, too! They suit him. If you don't know what a utilikilt looks like, here's a picture. There are various styles for various purposes. They're designed to be a "working man's kilt". Mom and I first saw them in Seattle. Mom pointed out some window washers high up on the side of a building and she said, "They look like they're wearing skirts!". We had an "ah-ha moment" when we stumbled upon the Utilikilt Store. Just so you know, they're also equipped with snaps so they can be made more like shorts for those who care. I really like them, though they certainly don't suit everyone. Jeff wears them well.

Bellarmine was outplayed by Fairfield today. The score was 13 to 4 for Fairfield. Luke said the Fairfield team was very good. Oh well. Time to regroup for next week's games.

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