Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Plant

I've been wanting a plant for our living room, which doesn't get much light. So, when Kevin and I were at Home Depot we saw this badly battered plant on sale and apparently it requires "low light"! Kevin cut most of the dead stuff out and here it sits in our living room ... thriving, hopefully! I like the mix of colours in it.

I'm happy to report that I feel much better today than yesterday. I can't say whether or not stopping the Tamoxifen made the difference. I've had other times where I'll have good days and then, for no apparent reason, a very bad day. Maybe it's one of those. It's hard to say.

I feel less gloomy today. That might have a bit to do with having less pain today, too. My shoulders and left arm still hurt but my legs and right arm are considerably better. I'm not quite as weak. My neck is a bit sore today but that might be as result of tensing up yesterday. I'm feel more like I did last Thursday, which isn't as good as I have been but certainly better than yesterday.

I might even make a couple of yoyo's tonight.


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