Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Saturday Hair Progress Report

I took a blog vacation yesterday. I just needed a quiet day of solitude. Do you see that my "bangs" (if you can call them that) are starting to grow. Finally!! I'm so sick of my expansive forehead!

We tracked Luke's lacrosse game yesterday at noon. The boys took a kicking by Quinnipiac. Luke said Quinnipiac played good and Bellarmine didn't. Otherwise, they would have been quite closely matched. Luke got one of Bellarmine's 5 goals. He said it was a pretty one. Next weekend is their last game and then he comes home. May 3 is home day. First, though, he has to get through this week! He had his first final last Thursday ... calculus ... hard ... and then he has 3 this coming week ... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. He had a lot on this plate this next while .... studying, exam writing, playing (which means traveling because their last game is at Ohio State University next Saturday), packing, clearning out the dorm room, farewell parties ... and then jump on a plane. All in 7 days. I'm sending him Mom-power from beyond.

After Luke's game, Kevin had to travel for work and didn't get home until midnight. I told him it was just as well because I wasn't feeling like much fun. Not that I was feeling especially awful ... I just needed a day of peace and quiet. And that's what I was able to give myself. I was very tired because I didn't sleep well, but that's beside the point. I spent the day getting Luke's room ready, doing laundry, making up beds, tidying up our bedroom, which had become a repository for all kinds of junk piles. It feels good to have it looking like a more serene environment. It doesn't sound like much, but I can assure you that doing those chores with MY shoulders and arms is significant. I then curled up on the couch to watch movies. Quiet. Peaceful. Productive. Kevin got home around midnight ... with a decadent box of Dark Chocolate covered Macadamian nuts from Pat and Ken, who recently returned from Hawaii.

I highly recommend eating Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamian Nuts before bed. I wonder if they didn't contribute to my soothing sleep last night?! I slept well. The best I've slept in a long time. I woke up feeling rested, which hasn't happened for quite some time either. When I woke at 6:00 a.m., my shoulders were especially sore and I gave myself a talking to for, perhaps, working them too hard yesterday. I took my Wobenzym and then, when I got up 3 hours later, my shoulders felt much improved. YEAH!!

Kevin is off to guppy club today so I have another afternoon of solitude. I have some projects in mind. Some more housework, since it's not an outside kind of day. I need to update my breast cancer research so I have the latest information at hand and my questions and "yeah-buts" all in mind before tomorrow's appointments.  And then ... what to make for dinner. Hmmmm ...

Speaking of "dinner", in the Kerr family, we have such confusion over the word "dinner".  I should eradicate it from my vocabulary!  To me, dinner is the evening meal.  We go "out for dinner" or have people "in for dinner".  "Supper", to me, is also the evening meal, though I never say we're going "out for supper" or "come over for supper".  I might say, "what would you like for supper tonight" or "supper's ready" (though I might just as easily replace "supper" with "dinner") to my family.  And "lunch" is "lunch".  That's how I roll.

Not so for the rest of my family. I can't tell you how many times we've had mass confusion because I've invited my family over for "dinner" and they've interpreted "dinner" as "lunch". Rarely has it resulted in people showing up at the wrong time, but it does make for some confusion during the initial conversations.
Me: "Would you like to come over for dinner?"

Them: "The kids have soccer about that time" or "I don't think we'll be in the city that early".

Me: "We could eat a little later, if that works for you".
Finally, we figure out that by "later", I don't mean 2:30.  I'm thinking 7ish.  We get there a lot faster when the reply is "we just ate dinner", and it's 1:00 pm.

I found the confusion so frustrating that I finally looked up definitions and at least I now understand where the confusion comes from.  For those of you who don't know, here's how it evolved ...

"Dinner" is the term used for the biggest meal of the day.  As long as I've been alive, that has been our evening meal.  In pre-me days, it was very typical, especially for farm families, to have their largest meal of the day at noon, hence "dinner".  Those were the days when people arose with the sun to do their chores and were eating breakfast at some crazy early hour and then were going to bed with the sun, too, at some silly time of earliness ... when you wouldn't want to go to bed with your stomach filled with the largest meal of your day.  So there we go. I just have to remember to never use the word "dinner" with MY family.

This confusion never happens on Kevin's side of the family.  "Brunch" is the confusion there.
Them: "Come for brunch at about 1:00".

Us: "1:00??! Don't you mean "lunch"?

Them: "No, brunch".  
We've now taken to calling that "Lupper", inspired by the word "brunch" itself, it being a word that morphed out of "BReakfast" and luNCH").

Why should dining together be so difficult? From now on we should just say, "Let's get together to eat", pick a time and forget the semantics.



  1. I still think you are very near the "full reveal", Heather.

    Re. dinner/supper/lunch. I was born in, and grew up in Regina. Dad and Mom were raised on farms. Dinner was, has been and still is, regardless of its size, at noon. (At home supper was always our largest meal. No one was home at noon.)

    Yes, it is a farm thing. Dave's sister, a city person for years now, confuses us when she asks us to be in Calgary for dinner the day we drive out to see her! My sister--in Kelowna, same thing. Try to be there for dinner. It's a rural/urban thing.

    I'm so pleased the massage and Wobenzyme are working out for you. I've always found massage to be more helpful than physio.

  2. Hi. It's me again. We just had "supper" at a Stewart Valley get-together for the United Church's 85th anniversary this year. Betty and Garry were there. Betty agreed it was supper we were having.

  3. Hi Cheryl! Well, what a relief to know we're not the only family who gets confused over "dinner", "supper" and "lunch". It might be easier in another language. And yes, I know where Mom and at least two of my brothers stand on the issue. I'm the odd one out here. Maybe that just means I've been "citified" even though I'm still a farm girl in my soul.

    I feel a long way from "reveal", Cheryl! Why did I think hair would grow faster?!

  4. Well I grew up having dinner at noon and supper was the evening meal. Now I call what we have at noon lunch and supper is still my evening meal. My sisters that are citified call the evening meal dinner but since we all agree the noon meal is lunch there is rarely any confusion over the dinner/supper debate.

    As for growing hair - I know that after nine months of growth in my past life, I would have at least enough to scratch together into a pony tail. As it stands right now, I don't have much more than you do :o(


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