Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Indoor Greenery

You didn't think I just got ONE plant at Home Depot, did you?! Silly! I got this fresh green fern, too. I needed it. It needed me.

Today. Today ... not bad. I had a lousy sleep last night so needed the extra shut-eye this morning. I did okay in the early afternoon at work but faded a little late afternoon. A bad hot flash kind of took the wind out of my sails and I was at a presentation at the time, so I was a little stuck. Manageable, though. Manageable. My shoulders and left arm are quite sore and so is that nagging spot on my left leg ... the lower calf. That has been a troublesome spot since October when I started taking the Arimidex and then it wasn't so bad recently. In fact, I thought I was in the clear. It's back, though ... not quite as bad as it was before, but bad enough. It frequently makes me limp. I wish I understood.

It's impossible to say if going off the Tamoxifen has helped at all. I doubt it. It's making me nervous ... being off of it. I think I might start taking it again tonight. Maybe not. What to do??!! I've read of so many women facing this same dilemma. Do we really know how much benefit we're getting from it? At what risk are we if we go off of it for a little "drug vacation"? I'll go over this with my Naturopathic Doctor tomorrow when I see her. And then I'll have some questions in the following weeks for an Oncologist.

In the meantime, I made 8 more yoyo's out of my "Recess" fabric (as seen here). I want my yoyo's to look a little "vintage". After I selected "Recess", I learned that it was inspired by images of children playing together from a 1934 1st Grade Reader. I thought it was pretty amazing that I chose it as a modern possibility for the 30's look. And honestly, I'm hardly that "in the know" about vintage fabric design. Largely coincidence, I think. I need to get some more of the "Thirties" fabric, too. I like the how the yoyo's turned out using that fabric and I need a lot more than 50 for a coverlet, I assure you. I'm hoping that the "Thirties" and the "Recess" fabrics will work well together. I have to make more before I'll know.


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