Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

I worked today. Just a half day. Even then, I found it a little hard to get to work. My shoulders and arms have been pretty sore today and I was quite uncomfortable during the night. Getting dressed comes with it's challenges and it's worse with limited and sore upper limbs. Nonetheless, I managed.

The good news at work is we can now call Rochelle "Doc Roc". The bad news is that the water was off in the building yesterday afternoon and all day today. I didn't drink anything even though I was thirsty because drinking leads to bathrooms, which would have meant walking over to another building.

We had a delivery from Kentucky for Patty and Ron and since they, too, wanted to watch "Survivor", we had them over for burgers, a visit, and tv. I was sad that Boston Rob got the boot. That Russell! He's evil! And then Matty came by for a while, which was great. We hadn't seen Matty since Christmas.

And now ... time to wind down. I think it's a good time to soak some oatmeal in buttermilk so we can have oatmeal pancakes for breakfast. Have I mentioned how much I love breakfast? I do. It's my favourite meal with all my favourite foods. I also have to do my physio. It's hard to believe that such gentle stretching ... if you can even call that stretching ... can make my arms and shoulders ache so.


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