Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amazing Succulents!

The class was great! There were almost 100 people there taking the class ... more than they had anticipated, I think. Still, very good. Interesting. Beautiful grounds. Cheerful instructor. Very satisfying. To learn more about Solar Gardens and what's available there, here's the link ... Solar Gardens.

This is the succulent pot I put together. I'm very pleased with it. I just hope I don't kill it. I'm going to try not to. Really hard.

This is Roger, our instructor, sharing information while touring us through the greenhouses.

This wreath that hangs on the outdoor pizza oven is gorgeous! After the class people were ordering pizzas and drinks and lounging around the pool, or dangling their feet in.  Roger and Chris have done some beautiful development of their grounds with lots more in the works it looks like.

Here is one of several dramatic displays of succulents!


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