Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look What We Found!! Macarons!!

I have SO wanted to taste real macarons! I still plan on making them but seeing them and tasting them will be such a treat before embarking on such a challenging baking project.

We found these in Old Montreal where I also thought of Chantelle, the cupcake baker. They had lots of pretty cupcakes, too. I haven't tasted the macarons yet. Hannah and I are saving them for later tonight.

After a good sleep, I'm happy to say my ankle is much improved from yesterday. I was glad to have my Wobenzym N here with me. I took a couple doses of it since yesterday and I really believe it has made the difference. Even though I was a bit slow today, I didn't limp too badly. My ankle would start to hurt after much walking but if I sat for a little while, I would be able to walk more comfortably for a while again. I did so much better than either of us thought I would.

This is how you know a restaurant is good. In a city full of eateries, we went back to that Vegan restaurant for lunch because it was that good! Vegetables are our friends. Hannah needs a steady intake to feel right and it's good for me, too. We have to allow for macarons, right?!

We walked around Old Montreal. Saw lots of weddings taking place! It rained a bit, which felt good, too. I don't mind a little rain. The only problem, which I didn't realize until I got back to the hotel, is that it made my hair curl more tightly revealing a LOT more scalp than I'm used to. ICK!!

Our goal was to find Hannah some shoes and/or summer clothes in the fashion capital of Canada. No could do. She is SO picky!! I could fall in love with clothes in just about any store we walked into, but my girl is very particular. That's fine. I just wanted to buy her something pretty while we were here. So, instead, and since my ankle was finished by late afternoon, I sent her to a Swedish spa while I came back here to the hotel.

I've had a bath and will start packing up for my flight home tomorrow. I've been away for a long time and it will be nice to be home again even though I have really loved this time with Hannah. She will stay here a few more days with Cody before going to Toronto for a week and then she'll be in New York for a while. She'll surely find nice shoes and clothes in those places. She'll have to send me a picture!
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