Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fine but Casual Dining in Montreal

Here are Cody and Hannah outside the restaurant Cody recommended for us. It was a VERY good recommendation! We brought our own wine as you can at many restaurants here.

Don't our meals look fascinating?! They were. Delicious, too.

The circles on top of my beef dish are foie gras! You probably know that I'm not the most adventurous diner so I even surprised myself by trying the foie gras! I've always been curious about it (and a little creeped out). I found it to be a flavour sensation ... as Cody prepared me for. It's such an interesting mix of flavours ... none of which I could really identify.

Hannah had red deer (venison), which was so tender and so good.

Cody had duck stuffed with foie gras.


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