Friday, June 25, 2010

Yellow Pansies For Luke

Not to suggest Luke is a pansy! He probably doesn't even notice that I plant yellow pansies every year especially for him. When he was little and we would go to the greenhouse, he ALWAYS chose yellow pansies for planting. Probably the yellow because he's colour-blind (red-green deficient). Yellow is the colour he sees best. He chose egg-yolk yellow paint for his bedroom. Of course, I don't JUST get YELLOW pansies. I love all the different colours and bring home as many different colours as I can sneak past Kevin.

On the plus side of things, I've slept well the last couple of nights and, as a result, I've felt much more rested and alert during the day. YEAH!!

On the down side, for the past two days my bones and joints have been MORE sore than usual. I have no explanation. Neither does my doctor. He wonders if I haven't had some kind of flu minus half the usual symptoms. When I got out of bed last night to pee, I almost collapsed when my feet hit the floor. I expect a bit of stiffness but my feet actually hurt. The bar of soap running over my skin hurt. All over. Only when touched, mind you. I got through my day just fine but was aware of how much more stiff and sore I was than usual whenever I moved about. I just don't understand it.

Anyway, my Doctor prescribed me another type of anti-inflammatory/pain killer that I pick up tomorrow. I don't know what it's called at this point but I'm game to try something.

Tomorrow I have my succulents class in the afternoon. I'm so excited! Luke has lacrosse games Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, so I'll look forward to watching those. I'm interested to hear how things were in Maple Creek where he's been working for the past few days. He should be home very soon.
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