Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Garden Today

I braved the mosquitoes and snapped some quick pics before the beasts had a chance to land. I won't tell you how many photos I had to delete because mosquitoes were landing as I was clicking resulting in fuzzy photos.

Our white peonies are in bloom. The pinks will follow.

This year we found different colours of monkey paw - or kangaroo paw - plants. So, in addition to our usual reddish-orange one, we have yellow and pink! COOL!!

I don't know where this white poppy came from! But I'll take it. And I went with a dark fuchsia this year. I like it.

I rode my bike to work and back both yesterday and today! I don't know if my legs are more tired than the previous day when I rode it to work or if my tires are a little lower in air pressure. For some reason riding wasn't quite as easy as it seemed before. I'm guessing that a little more air in my tires might make a difference, though they don't feel at all low.

I finished those pills my doctor had me try. Well, I almost finished. There are two left and I'm not going to bother with them. If they were going to help my joints and muscles, it would have been evident by now. Besides, they seem to really upset my stomach (and the connecting plumbing) and they cause fluid retention. My feet, legs and hands are all a bit puffy. Not REALLY puffy ... just a bit. I'm going to phone my Doctor and make arrangements to move to Option B ... whatever that is. He told me to prepare for some trial and error. I want to give myself a few days for the puffiness to go down, at least.

I'm also so bloody tired! I can't say the medication has caused that. Maybe it's to be expected. I just wish I wasn't so tired. It makes it hard to focus, though I did better today. Homes don't self-sustain themselves, unfortunately. By the time I get home, I just want to be a lump. Lumps aren't so good at laundry, dishes, cooking, or cleaning bathrooms. They're not even good at quilting.

It sounds like Luke (and Arden, too) will be going to Maple Creek tomorrow with a work crew to help clean out water damaged basements. The boss wanted them to stay for the weekend but the boys need to be back for lacrosse. I imagine that means they'll be in Maple Creek next week, too.


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