Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a beautiful weekend! But before I get to that, I'll do a Friday update since I haven't blogged since Thursday.

Friday was I was so frickin' tired! Well, Thursday night after I blogged, fatigue hit me like a hammer to the head. I was tired through and through. In the morning I slept in until I heard Luke bellowing at me at 9:30 to give him a ride to the bus (the Swat, his lacrosse team, went to Calgary for 3 games this weekend). I threw some clothes on, brushed my teeth and hobbled about as quickly as I could muster. We would have been on time for the bus had Luke not NEEDED to stop at Tim Horton's on 22nd on the way. That place is CRAZY busy! When we pulled up to the bus at Kinsmen arena 5 minutes after 10:00, the coaches were outside the bus waiting for him, tapping their watches. Luke blamed it on me. I'm confident their smart enough to make their own deductions based on the Tim Horton's bag in his hand.

So home again and I made it to work shortly after 11:00. I worked late and through lunch to make it a full day. My goal was to work a full week and I wasn't going to fall short. I did it! YEAH!! Of course, Friday night was a total write off.

Oddly enough for me, I woke up early on Saturday and when I saw that shining sun I couldn't bring myself to go back to bed. And I told myself that it would be better if I got used to getting up earlier even if I did tired out earlier in the evening. Good practice for my work week. Since I was awake before 8:00, I decided to go to the Farmer's Market, where I haven't been in 2 years. It was FABULOUS!! I loved poking about. I picked up some items and then headed to the Saskatchewan Craft Council show and sale along the riverbank. They were only just about set up when I got there and it was perfect ... for me ... for viewing. And then I was home just as Kevin was waking up. What a lovely morning!!

Then I had chores. Did I mention that when I got back from my 2 weeks of traveling, everything in my cupboards seemed dirty? I would grab a "clean" glass from the cupboard and then have to wash it before using it. All of the dishes looked like they'd been outside in the wind, rain, and sun for a week. Of course, the dear men in my family hadn't really noticed. They just kept putting the dishes in the cupboards even though they were disgustingly and obviously yucky and then ... worse ... they were using them!! I finally determined that it's because of a further break-down of our already barely functioning dishwasher. Yesterday Kevin ran a load and the dishes came out looking dirtier than they went in. SO gross!! This is what they'd been doing while I was away and then putting the disgusting things neatly in the cupboards!  So my Saturday chore was to wash all the dishes in our cupboards. That's what I did. While I was at it, I wiped down the insides of the cupboards, too, of course. And now they're all sparkly clean. The dishwasher is off limits until our new one arrives in the middle of July. Even Kevin said he noticed how sparkly the glasses are ... as if that's not normal. Ewwwww!!

Even though it was beautiful out, I can't spend too much time in the sun so I just popped outside every now and then to watch Kevin plant flowers and pull a few weeks ... or just sit in the shade for a bit. It's so nice to have planted pots on our deck again!! I'll be watching for growth every day. I can't wait until they fill in!!

Last night we went to Darrel and Lynn's for dinner ... barbequed burgers, both beef and moose. All so good! And then we played cards. I can't even remember the last time I played canasta (hand and foot)! I'm usually too tired by the time someone suggests it. This time we started early enough and it was great to play again.

I saw Lori yesterday, too. This pile of my hats on Kevin's head ... as well as other smaller ones packed in the car ... are on their way along with my wigs (just in case they work for her) to Lori. Soon, I'm sad to say, she's going to need them. It reminds me to thank my friends again for all the hats and scarves they sent my way. I used them so much and they added some fun and function to what were a lot of otherwise dreary days. I'm happy to say I can mostly go without them now and I hope you're happy to have me share them with someone else who will need them.

I wish I could share the hilarious photo I took of Darrel wearing one of my wigs last night!!  He looked like one of the Beatles ... well, except for the moustache!  Very funny!  I promised him I wouldn't blog it.  But, trust me, he looked hilarious!  And awesome!

Lori did a clever thing I have to tell you about. To cover and protect her PICC-line, she cut the foot off an colourfully striped sock and pulled that over her PICC-line to make a very nice arm cuff! I wish I'd thought of that. In fact, she must have had two pairs of that sock because she was wearing socks that matched her PICC-line cuff. CLEVER!!

And now ... a beautiful Sunday. Time for oatmeal with blueberries, raspberries and banana! Mmmmm ...

By the way, the clematis above is from our very own backyard. It has been blooming like crazy for quite a while now!


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