Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a Poodle ... No! ...

... It's a Chia Pet ... No! ... It's ... Heather!!

My hair IS getting bigger. And it IS filling in a bit, though it's still much thinner at the back. But wait until you see it tomorrow! I won't say why but just wait ... *giggle*

Today was a write off for me. I've been struggling all week with mostly feeling wasted. I did today what I should have done yesterday. I stayed home for the day. I started to feel human late in the afternoon. I hope the rest means I'll feel good tomorrow at work. If I'd done what I felt I should do on Wednesday and just stayed home, I think I would have been able to work today. It's frustrating.

And now I'm going to bed and hoping for good energy tomorrow.


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  1. Hi Heather,
    Yes your hair is definitely looking thicker! Can't wait for your surprise.


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