Saturday, June 5, 2010

Calamity Heather / Polyanna Heather

Calamity Heather ... gets through a week of conferencing with pretty good stamina. We finished up yesterday at noon after which Hannah and I started our little weekend adventure together. We walked a little way down Ste. Catherine's and then took the metro to the part of town where Cody lives. From there we had walked little more than a few blocks down the street when, with my eyes on street signs and buildings, I stepped into a giant sidewalk divot and turned my ankle! I caught myself from falling down entirely. Good thing or I surely would have hurt myself worse. As it was, I sprained my ankle and/or pulled tendons along the outside of my foot. How's that for a drag?! The immediate pain was so bad, I wondered how I was going to walk anywhere so I just stood for quite a while waiting for the pain to settle so I could better determine how badly I was hurt. Man, it hurt!! And then I hobbled along. We did quite a big of walking / hobbling. Every now and then we would stop for me to rest it and put some ice on it (thanks to kind waiters). Poor Hannah. I'm already a slow mover compared to the very quick pace she's used to and with my injured ankle we quite literally inched along.

Polyanna Heather ... at one point I remember feeling so disappointed that I wanted to stomp my good foot and say, "Why do these things always happen to me?!" ... after which I immediately laughed because that is so not true. These things do not ALWAYS happen to me. Aside from this cancer business, I have always considered myself more fortunate than not. I have no reason to whine over a sprained ankle. We still had a nice day even though our mission to find Hannah a pair of shoes was unsuccessful. The pair she fell in love with was not available in her size.

We had dinner at a very nice vegan restaurant on Ste. Laurent ... Aux Vivres. SO GOOD! We started with corn bread (served toasted) with guacamole. YUMMY. Then we had amazing salads! Hannah needed this. The restaurant had been described to her as a place that makes one feel cleansed after eating there. We concur. Everything was so good.

We took a cab home. No more walking for me! By then I was totally done!! Overdone, to tell you the truth.

We had initially planned on walking around Old Montreal in the evening. Apparently, it's beautifully lit up at night but I wasn't going anywhere. I parked on the bed, Hannah got me some ice, and that's where I stayed for the rest of the night. Hannah ran out and picked us up some snacks, as pictured above. Guess who chose what. This explains both of us. Hannah had a craving for organic blueberries. I requested Doritos and this was the closest Hannah could find. We both like dark chocolate. I have to admit, her blueberries were the better choice. They tasted so refreshing compared to Munchi Mix. I continue to learn from my kids, you see.

So we both sprawled on the bed and watched a pay-per-view movie, A Single Man. A VERY good movie, by the way. I would like to see it again on a better screen. It's a real visual movie. Artfully done.
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