Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Got A New Drug ...

... one that (hopefully) won't make me sick!

Naproxen is the name. It sounds pretty similar to the drug I was just taking before ... that didn't really work. I'm a little disappointed that it is in the Ibuprofen (Advil) family because the last drug and especially Advil make me puff up. My doctor says that if that happens again, he'll prescribe a diuretic. Oh, joy. Fun and games with pharmaceuticals. Somehow it feels wrong and yet I so want something that will give relief from joint/muscle/bone/tendon pain and stiffness.

Today isn't as bad as yesterday in terms of that strangely elevated pain. I don't at all understand the whims of this malady. In the night I woke up with pain in that spot on the soft underside of my upper arm where I had that nasty infection (when I was hospitalized after my first round of chemo last year around this time). Doctors never did figure out the what and why of that infection. Eventually one of the antibiotics they tried caused it to slowly diminish but a little redness from that infection remained for many months after ... it would sometimes flare up a little and then subside a bit again without totally going away. I haven't looked at it for a long time because, for one reason, I can't because I can't raise that arm high enough to see it very well ... because of the frozen shoulder, which is still pretty bad on my left side while my right shoulder is much improved. This morning, despite the pain in night, there is only some residual pain in that spot on my arm. Isn't that strange?! I'm so used to none of this making any sense that it doesn't really surprise me anymore and I don't get too bent out of shape about it, otherwise I'd be messed up all the time. So all I do is document it here. Just in case the information comes in handy sometime ... and Lord knows I can't rely on my memory. Maybe some day it will make more sense than it does now.

Meanwhile here are some morning flowers. Notice the white spider in the last one? I didn't see it there until I was looking at the photos later! COOL!

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