Thursday, June 3, 2010

LOVIN' Montreal!

I do love Montreal. I would walk around here forever just enjoying all there is to see. Here are just a few things.

The double heart sculpture. LOVELY!

Kids playing street hockey in a back alley. How Canadian! How adorable!

People sitting on the roof on a busy street on a beautiful evening.

A huge anime mural on brick.

I wish I had time to just walk around and capture all the things that caught my eye. There wouldn't be room on my camera. I did not see Leonard Cohen walking about but Cody has! They literally bumped into each other one day ... shoulder to shoulder. Cool!

Roger (my sherpa) and I ... and a whole lot other other delegates from the Ottawa Summit (for a people-centred economy) ... took the Via Rail train to Montreal on Tuesday evening. The train ride was very nice. So much nicer than a bus or a plane. Our train was delayed for an hour because of some mechanical issues, but no biggie. Hannah was here when we arrived at our hotel which is only a 5 minute walk from the conference location ... Concordia University. She, Roger and I stepped out for a late dinner near our hotel and then I packed it in while Hannah went out with her friend, Cody.

Yesterday and today were busy conference days and last night Cody, Hannah and I went to a very nice restaurant recommended by Cody ... who should know because he lived here and got his journalism degree from Concordia.

This afternoon I kind of bit the dust and went back to the hotel for a long soak in the tub and a lay down. That's what I needed to do. We have a conference banquet tonight and I'm bringing Hannah with me. She's interested in "conference culture".


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