Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remembering ...

There are better things to remember about this day than the fact that last year at this time I had my PICC-line in. *shudder* I wish I didn't have scars from it to remind me. I thought the marks would have faded more by now. Sylvia very thoughtfully stopped by with a card and gift. Thanks, Syl.

Enough about PICC-lines. Of course, that means that at this time last year I was also just about to start chemo. I'm not going to make anniversaries of those things, though I probably will want to do a hair comparison from the time I lost it to what I have a year later.

This week is my first week of working full time! I'm very happy about how I'm managing. It's encouraging. People who have been through similar experiences tell me that life really does return to something that feels normal. I can't wait ... though I'm not sure I believe them. Yet.

I have an appointment next Tuesday with a doctor to talk about my joints/tendons/muscles. If I could get my legs back to normal it would go a long way to my being able to sometimes forget what I've been through.

I have to give a little shout out to Cindy! I'll bet she didn't expect me to save a jar of her home-canned peaches for a special craving. Well today was the day. I celebrate today with the sweet, dense flavour of Cindy's canned peaches! DELICIOUS! I shared them. Big of me considering I could have hidden them in the back of the fridge and kept them just for me.

These flowers aren't mine. I took this photo in Vancouver. My clematis, though, is very pretty, too. It's just too dark for me to get a photo right now. Later, though ... when the sun shines ... and when I'm home while the sun is shining. There's not much of that this week. Our clematis is obviously happy where it is.

While I'm remembering, Betty Lou, Kerry, and Russell come to mind. And I wish Lori strength and courage. This isn't to say I don't think of a whole bunch of other people today. If I started listing you all, it would be endless. I'll bet you know what I mean. If you were to write down, during the course of a single day, all the people who crossed your mind ... I'll bet you would have a long list. I heard a song today by Chicago and every time I do, I remember Charles very fondly. 

Happy 20th Anniversary, Jim and Lynne! Your anniversary is a much happier event to mark the day with!
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