Monday, October 18, 2010


I really like this little homemade Halloween decoration I saw in a window on my way home from Broadyway on Saturday.

After a busy week, I had quite a busy weekend, too. Friday night, Kevin and I joined the other Kevin for dinner at Kaos downtown. Saturday, I had brunch with Carol and Pat at the Broadway Cafe and then I did a little Christmas shopping at the Western Development Museum's craft sale. I hadn't been to that sale for years and was surprised at how much it's grown! I found a couple of nice Christmas gifts. Kevin and I went to Kelly and Chantelle's for a lovely party Saturday night. Chantelle had cooked up a storm, I tell you! And not one but TWO flavours of cupcakes! I was very strong and only tried one even though I really wanted to try both. I left the chocoate (I can't believe it myself) and tried the pumpkin flavoured one, which was sooooo good! On Sunday ... yesterday ... I just felt plain old crappy. I felt a little sick to my stomach and was ALMOST sick to my stomach twice but caught myself before it became a full-force tossing of the cookies. I stayed in my pajamas all day ... right through that gloomy Rider game that I watched from the sofa under a blanket ... until 5:00 after which I started to feel better. I think I had just overdone things and needed the day to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. We had invited friends over to watch the game and to stay for dinner but we had to uninvite.

In general, though, I can feel my energy levels improving, my joints have definitely improved a lot, I have a little more bounce in my walk, my shoulders are slowly feeling better, and though it might be too soon to say for sure, I think the numbness in my toes and feet might even be lifting a little bit! I'm quite excited about that and am reluctant to get too excited just in case I'm only imagining it. I had given up on any improvements in that department having read that if the feeling hasn't come back within the year, the nerve damage is quite possibly permanent. We'll see!

I need to take a picture of my hair so that those of you who don't see me regularly can see the progress, if we can call it progress. My hair is certainly getting "bigger". It's still curly as can be, though. Really tight perm-like curls. Aggravating! Even though I still think I look like someone who's had chemo, people who don't know what I've been through are starting to think this is the just how I choose to wear my hair! EEK! I don't know which is worse!!
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