Saturday, October 9, 2010

A For Real Rider Game!

Carol and I had an AWESOME road trip to Regina and back. Being at a Rider game is nothing like watching it on tv. I could hardly ever tell what was really going on in the game ... the ball was never where I thought it was, for instance ... but it's an amazing atmosphere, which most of you already likely know. It really is a "sea of green". And lots and lots of whacky people! It's so loud at the game you can't even hear yourself yelling! Carol and I experimented with that a bit. We wondered if people would even know if we were yelling "inappropriate words". We can tell you that they do not, in fact, know what it is you're saying when you yell. You can yell pretty much anything you want and nobody will notice.

The weather was SO incredible!! A perfect football day!

The only thing that sucked about the whole day was that the Riders lost.

I broke diet code today. Not really badly. Just a little mini-vacation from total food consciousness. I'll be back on track tomorrow making up for it. It was worth it!

Thanks so much, Carol!

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  1. You Go Green Girl! Great fun except the ending!


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