Monday, October 18, 2010

I was fortunate to be able to attend a day long session last Friday put on by InspireHealth, who were brought in by Breast Friends. Thanks, Breast Friends!  There were mostly women attending and some men. Attendees were at various stages in their "cancer journey" -- some just diagnosed, some in the midst of treatment, some post-treatment and trying to prevent a recurrence or deal with side effects. I think most people there were dealing with breast cancer but there were several dealing with various other nasty cancers at various stages.  The information we were given was SO HELPFUL. It was presented by a doctor who had a general practice for many years before becoming ill herself and, with shock, discovered that she knew lots about disease, diagnosis, procedures, and pharmaceuticals but she didn't know how to "make herself well". She didn't know about good health. This realization changed her life and the difference for her, personally, has been phenomenal.
Located in Vancouver, InspireHealth is Canada's foremost integrated cancer care centre, leading the way through research and innovative cancer care programs integrated with conventional cancer treatment. Since 1997, InspireHealth's medical doctors have helped guide more than 5,500 patients to integrate research-informed natural approaches to health into their cancer treatment and recovery. There is growing evidence that these natural approaches to supporting health and immune system function can significantly decrease the risk of cancer recurrence and increase survival.
All weekend I've been trying to blog about all I learned, but it's been overwhelming. There's so much.  I need to get it down in a searchable format for my own compromised memory and, while I'm at it, perhaps someone reading this might find it useful as well.  It's too much to write down all at once so I'll just have to write bits at a time.

I should first say that I would encourage anyone with cancer to make the trip to Vancouver and see one of the physicians at InspireHealth. From my own research, supported by what I learned at this workshop, using an integrated approach to fighting or living with cancer offers the best possibilities. Anyone can call InspireHealth and make an appointment, which usually takes a couple of weeks to get in. There is no charge for someone from Saskatchewan to be treated by one of their physicians. It's covered by our health care.  Your first appointment will be an hour and a half. After that first visit, future consultations and follow-ups can all be done over the phone.  One woman at the session had first visited Inspire Health in 2007 and hadn't been back to Vancouver since but remains under the care of the physician there, who will send her instructions for the bloodwork she's to get done, which will be sent to him/her for review. She's been SO happy with the care she's received, as were other people who were at the session.

That's the background and the links.  Next I will share some of what I learned.

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