Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fat Cell Mutiny

There are still some things in our garden that are thriving. It's nice to see.

Yesterday was weekly weigh-in day. Odd as it might seem, I'm HAPPY to report that I didn't gain any weight! In fact, I stayed exactly ... down to the decimal ... the same. The reason I'm happy about it is because I rather thought I might have gained a little and so not to have gained leaves me still mentally strong. I stayed true to my diet all last week except for going a little off last Saturday night. What's happened, I think, is that all my fat cells have circled fat city with their arms linked and are totally on the defensive. They are determined to not lose another fat city citizen while I, on the other hand, am feeling ruthless and fully intend to decimate the city. They're strong little buggers!! I think I really need to up the exercise quotient. Barb tells me that intervals will boost my metabolism. That means doing 30 seconds of whatever cardio I'm doing at top speed, then 4.5 minutes bringing my heart rate back down and then taking it back up again and so forth for ... well, working up to 30 minutes of intervals. I'll see what I can manage. Mostly thanks to my joints feeling quite a bit better, I can tell that my walking speed has improved. I feel stronger when I'm walking, too. I don't tire as quickly. Initially in September I found it tiring to walk from the parking lot to the office every day but I'm doing much better now. I do have a long way to go, though. But at least I'm on my way.

I'm pretty much exhausted tonight. I felt tired all day and I've felt it building all week. While in general perhaps my fatigue is improving, it still hits me like a truck pretty regularly and is pretty annoying because it means I can't do a lot of the things I want to do during the week ... things I feel I need to do. It doesn't allow me to be the friend I want to be. People have given me so much support during this past year and a half of grief and I really want to be able to be there for others, too.

I was sad to read about Lisa Rendell's set back in the paper this morning. I'd been thinking about her a lot all week and had been meaning to check her blog to get an update. I'd checked it in September and was aware that she was having some issues. Last night while I was awake for a bit, I reminded myself to check her blog in the morning and so it was kind of freaky, given that I was just thinking about her like that, to see the article in the paper. It's not a real surprise to see her name at this time of year ... during the c95 Breast Cancer Marathon which started 10 years ago when she was first diagnosed. I'm sending lots of prayers for Lisa and Will. I met Lisa at last year's Breast Cancer Marathon. We only spoke briefly but we've emailed occasionally ... just words of encouragement and inquiries. She's been so kind and caring. She really is an inspiration to so many.

At some point I'll post more about what I learned at last Friday's InspireHealth presentation. Right now I'm too sleepy. But, in the meantime, this might be of interest to some of you. I found the booklet that we received available online as a pdf from the InspireHealth website. I would really encourage anyone interested in improving their health and resistance to disease, including cancer, to take a look at it and decide what changes you can make in your life to improve your own health. Even if we're living quite healthy lives already, there is always room for improvement.

Oh, and another thing I did that I'm glad I did. I signed up for the weekly email from InspireHealth. It's right there on their website - right column near the top. I got my first email from them today and it was a nice sounding recipe for soup: Lisa Marie's Gingered Apple and Carrot Soup. Even better is that it's nutritional value isn't just calculated, it's explained. I find that kind of information very useful.  The email also led me to this blog by Lisa Marie, which has some excellent nutritional information: Eating it Real.Lisa Marie is an ...
R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritionist hoping to inspire people to simplify their lives and eat whole, clean, local food...(at least most of the time).


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