Thursday, October 28, 2010

Such a Fabulous Gift!

Look what I was gifted with today! It might not seem so unlikely to get a backpack cooler full of beer considering I was visiting the home of my teenage years where beer figured quite largely ... but it's not beer. It's SO much better than beer! It's the kind of medicine that isn't so easy to find in the fall and less so in the winter! It's the kind of medicine I've been afraid I'll run out of soon.

I saw Sandra and Melvin today in Kyle and Sandra told me she "had something for me". Very curious. I hadn't a clue what it might be. So on the way out of Kyle, Lynn and I stopped by and she brings out this cooler for me. Beer? I didn't think so. Whiskey? It being Shelley's beverage of choice ... maybe?

But here's what I saw when I peeked in the cooler! A HUGE bag of frozen wild-picked blueberries!! I am SO THRILLED! I eat about half a cup of them every day and I expect to run out of the ones Kevin brought me back from La Ronge by the end of November. These will sustain me for quite a long time and honestly, I do think of them as medicine and knowing that they're wild-picked gives me such comfort. It means no chemicals. It's not something I thought much about before I had cancer but I've learned a lot since then and I really have learned increasingly to view food as both medicine and poison and, like learning to identify mushrooms for the same reasons, I've been learning which foods are which. Blueberries are medicine. And I appreciate this surprising and generous gift so much!

Sandra told me that Bonnie, who lives in Duck Lake, got them.

And Melvin told me to keep the cooler! BONUS! Thanks so much, Hollstein family! I hope you're eating some of these every day, too.

Everybody ... eat berries, broccoli, and lots of other fruits and vegetables ... eat ground flax seeds (or chia or hemp seeds), and make sure you're taking Vitamin D. Every day!

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