Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Sad News

Luke phoned us yesterday morning with the sad news that his coach, Jack McGetrick, had died early that morning. Jack had been diagnosed with cancer shortly before I was. When we had to call Luke ... so far from home ... and tell him over the phone that I had breast cancer, it was one of the most awful things I've ever had to do and I was so grateful for Jack and Bart (assistant coach) for being there for Luke, both of them having some particular insight. While Jack continued to coach all last year ... not missing a game or practice the whole time he was under treatment and in pain ... he was unable to be there this fall.  He'd been in the hospital this past while and the boys from his lacrosse team all took turns going up to the hospital to see him, making sure someone was there every day.

Jack had prostate cancer and it had spread to his bones already.  I know he endured a lot of pain but fought through the pain and the treatments "like a machine", as Luke described it. I know his team was in awe of him and were blown away by how tough he was. I know they were very fortunate both as players and as young men to have him for a coach and mentor.  I was very fond of him, too. Every year when we went there to see Luke, Jack always made a point of speaking with us and was very personal and down to earth. He was a very kind and caring man. Very honest and straight forward during the recruiting process, too.

I'm so sad that he lost this fight. People who fight as hard as he did and with such an incredible, strong "never give up" atitude and healthy, active lifestyle, should win over cancer.  Ron would fall in that category, too.  Another example of life not being fair.

My heart goes out to Jack's family ... his wife and 4 kids ... and to the lacrosse community.

Here's the announcement at the Bellarmine University website and the one at Lacrosse Magazine.

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  1. So sorry to hear the news. But once again so thankful for such inspirational people.


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