Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weight Loss Report

The plan is working! I hadn't expected to show any loss on the scale tonight taking into account that I indulged in a full turkey dinner where I elected not to choose between potatoes and stuffing and I threw in a little bit of wine and a regular size piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream. And then there was my Rider adventure with Carol on Saturday, which included a few non-program items which I chose to enjoy. And still, I lost 1.5 pounds for an exact total of 10 pounds lost in three weeks! YEAH!! It was 10 pounds down to the decimal! I'm very happy! I feel confident that I'll exceed my goal of a 15 pound weight loss by Christmas. I think I'll bump my goal up to 20 pounds. That would be FABULOUS ... and yet only a beginning. I hope I can sustain this, though the only real challenge has been a few minor changes in habit more than anything. Picking up my physical activity level will help a bit, too, I hope.

Perhaps I lost the weight in my brain first. Man, my memory is screwing me around! I had been SO looking forward to lunch with Berny this week and even though she has reminded me twice (because I keep getting it muddled) about the date, I still got it wrong. Thursday got stuck in my head and I couldn't shake it ... it being a word and not a number. The number 13 just didn't stick! I was some surprised when Berny showed up at my office around 2:00. I knew she was coming in for appointments the day before we were to meet for lunch so I thought this was the day before and that she'd happily surprised me at work. Not so. I had missed our lunch date. She had tried to phone me at home but didn't have my work number, otherwise I would have buzzed over. What an idiot I feel! I'm so relieved that Berny had had the temerity to invite another friend to make it a threesome for lunch so at least she wasn't left there alone. I did that to Lou one day during my chemo phase and I felt pretty rotten about that! So, much to my disappointment, I missed my lunch date. And I'd been so looking forward to it! Jeez!

This photo is of the stuffed peppers I made this week. I bought a big bag of multi-coloured peppers and so we've had two stuffed pepper dinners and I've had them for lunch, too. I'll be having them again tomorrow and/or the next day, too. Good thing I don't mind eating the same thing more than two days in a row. They're very good and maybe they're as good as the ones I used to make ... which I can't remember how to make ... and I can't remember what recipe I used to use ... even though I looked through all my cook books ... and could only find recipes for stuffed peppers that I knew WEREN'T the ones I used to make. This brain of mine causes me much grief, you see. So I pulled together something using about three different recipes. They were good the first night but I think they were better the 2nd night ... maybe as good as the ones I used to make. I don't care much for peppers most of the time and yet I love eating the whole thing when they're stuffed and cooked. Go figure. And they're an excellent diet meal! If I can remember how I made them (ha!!), I'll post the recipe!
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