Thursday, May 20, 2010

You win some. You lose some.

Aren't these pretty tulips?! We had to go over to Don and Syl's to enjoy them. I hope they didn't get hailed on today.

Yesterday was a long conference day, which isn't to say it was bad. The speakers at the conference were excellent! I learned some things and finished the day feeling very good about being involved with co-operatives. Let me tell you, the people involved with co-operatives are not at all like law firm lawyers! NOT AT ALL! That's a very good thing.

Last night I became a lump on the sofa before falling into a dead sleep. I didn't quilt. I didn't read. I sat in front of the tv. I'm not the only one who was cooked. I think everyone from our office and from the Dief Centre were cooked, too. I slept late today and worked this afternoon.

I'm sad to report that my lower limbs are slowly getting worse again. After a week or two of freedom, the stiffness and aching are creeping back. This makes me think that perhaps it was the morphine that gave me relief. I'm definitely NOT going back on morphine ... though I did kind of like it. Hopefully my limbs don't go all the way back to the way they were. This isn't too bad but certainly not as great as it was for a short while. Maybe it will get better again while I'm off the Tamoxifen. I hope so.
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