Monday, May 17, 2010

Blogging Days Are Winding Down

The plan was to quit daily blogging when I started back to work. That was a while ago. But, silly me, I thought that would correlate with the time when my "breast cancer days" would be OVER! Not so. Like I said ... SILLY ME! While I've come a long way and I'm seeing steady improvements, I didn't understand at the time that Breast Cancer really is a life sentence. At least that's what I feel like now. Maybe someday I won't, but I think that day will be a long time coming I now know. It will still take a long time to get my life back and what form that life will ultimately take, I'm not even sure yet. I'm confident it will be a good life but what I will look and feel like in it is not clear to me. All will be revealed. Some day.

So, since my breast cancer issues didn't end when I started back to work and it's still not OVER, I decided to continue blogging until a full year was up. Then it can be a "year in the life" blog. That day is fast approaching! I'll be done blogging regularly in early June. Working and enjoying the summer ... being outside that bubble I lived in most of last year ... doesn't allow much time for sitting at a computer. That's a good thing, I think.

Still, though, since I still have some issues to work through, I will blog quite regularly as the spirit moves me. My purpose will be mostly to document my improvements, set backs (yes, there will still be those, I'm sure), medical experiences, doubts, new research results, and so forth. It's already proved to be a great resource for my diminished memory. I can always look back through my blog to recall exactly what I was experiencing when.

And sometimes I'll blog other things about my life because ... well, because I can!

While this doesn't mean my "game" is over ... apparently, it's not the ending kind of game ... nonetheless, I'd say WE'VE WON!! I declare us the winner!! There. It's decided!!

I want to thank my team for supporting me, helping me, encouraging me, listening to me, laughing and crying with me. You've made a world of difference to me in getting through this awful thing. I'm eternally grateful. We'll have a party when I have more hair. I want more hair for my party, that's all. If I'm slimmer and more fit, that will be a bonus, but I'm only going to hold out for hair. I don't want to set myself up for too many disappointments.

So ... in a couple of weeks ... we can ALL get a life and stop reading about ME. I'm so sick of me! You must be, too. It's time to enjoy summer. And life.
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  1. Well I for one will miss the daily contact but I do understand why you want to put somethings behind you. We will just have to be more regular with the phone calls :o)

  2. Thanks, Berny!

    While I look forward to taking a break from regular computering, I don't want to lose touch with the friends I love and need. Like I said, "This ain't over". It ain't never gonna be over. Or at least that's how it seems now. I will always need my pals.

    We'll be talkin'.


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