Friday, May 28, 2010

I Love Vancouver

Here are some of the blooms we saw on our walk a couple of mornings ago. We just walked through the residential area beside our hotel ... between Main street and Commercial Drive, along 10th and 11th. So much beautiful foliage and blooms. And very interesting and creative approaching to gardening and home decor.

Today Mom, Hannah, and I spent some time in the Whole Foods Market. Kevin stayed at the hotel to nap and Luke and Jared took the bus and ferry to Nanaimo to see some friends who play lacrosse with him in Kentucky and to watch them play lacrosse. We girls were on our own. The Whole Foods Market is a fabulous place to shop, eat, learn. They take all the guess work out of healthy shopping. They ONLY stock product that fits their healthy philosophy. I LOVE IT! In the hair care section, for example, they ONLY stock hair products that are sure to be safe. You don't have to read labels to see if the ingredients are safe for you to absorb ... if you can remember them ... and if you can read that tiny print ... and they pay attention to the ingredients that AREN'T listed but that aren't good for you either. What peace of mind! They have the most amazing deli I've ever seen. We had lunch there ... everything so fresh and healthy! They recycle diligently, including composting, and they have an in-store program for providing donations to local non-profits. I want a little loft room right above the store. I sure wish we had something more like this in Saskatoon. I guess Souleio is close but not nearly expansive enough ... not the same thing at all. What's not to love about a grocery store that has a reference desk?! I'm not talking "customer service" desk, as we're more familiar with. This is a peopled desk where you can go for advice on how to prepare healthy ingredients ... all kinds of information about healthy cooking and eating. Fabulous! I would love to be THAT librarian.

After some time there, we went to Finch's to gather Hannah's dishes and leftovers. We did a little shopping on Robson. For dinner we all needed a warm, comforting environment and comfort food. So we walked about 5 blocks from Hannah's place (and our hotel) to Burgoo, which was a perfect choice! I would say that we are all a little "cooked" tonight. I'm SO tired. I won't be awake much longer.

First, though, I have to share a little experience I had on the short subway trip we took from downtown to Broadway. Everytime I'm in Vancouver, something similar to this happens! I love it. Anyway, here's what happened. We get on the subway train and we're standing. I look around and a young man is smiling at me.
Young Man: Is that tweed?
Me: Yes.
Young Man: I can't remember the last time I saw tweed.
Me: It's pretty old ... and a little ratty.
Young Man: Are you from Scotland?
Me: No. I'm from Saskatchewan.
Young Man: Isn't tweed from Scotland?
Me: I'm not sure. I associate it more with England.
Young Man: Somewhere in the UK, I suppose. Are you here on vacation?
Me: We're here for my daughter's convocation.
Young Man: What's a convocation.
Me: Her graduation ceremony from UBC.
Young Man: That's great! What's her degree?
Me: Art History.
Young Man: Has she read "The Creators"? It's about artists from the beginning of time.
Me: I don't know. It sounds like something she'd be interested in.
Young Man: Tell her to read it. The author is _______. It's great.
Me: You seem like a bright young man. What do you do?
Young Man: I'm in grade 10. (Internally, I'm shocked. I thought he must be at least 19). It's pretty boring. It's good for math and science, though. Those are about the only subjects where you actually learn something.
Me: Do you have plans for after high school.
Young Man: Me?! I don't know (as thought the idea has never occurred to him before). I think I'd like to do mountain climbing. I don't know that you can paid to do mountain climbing, though.
Me: Probably not so much. Not unless you're a sherpa.
Young Man: A what?
Me: A sherpa.
Young Man: How do you spell that? (I spell it) What's a "sherpa"? (I explain).
Young Man: Cool. I just think mountain climbing would be like life. You start at the bottom and then make your way up.
Me: Well, you're in a good location if you want to start learning about mountain climbing.
Young Man: Yes, I guess I am.
Me: Here's our stop. It was nice talking with you. Good luck in life!
Young Man: Great to meet you. Have a good trip.
I love Vancouver!



  1. Congrat's to your daughter on her convocation. What a beautiful young lady and what a beautiful family you have Heather. I loved your conversation with the young man noticing your "tweed". Love those kinds of life moments. Also really enjoy your flower photos. Again, Beautiful! Enjoy your trip! Bridget

  2. We were in Victoria/Kelowna for the first two weeks of May and I was enthralled with all the floral displays just growing like weeds. The rhododendrons and magnolias were spectacular. It has just now occurred to me to ask what you have for a camera. You and it do take good photos.

    Regarding your anniversary gift, Betty is a keeper as a Mom and as a friend.


  3. Hi Bridget!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. That conversation on the subway was a treasured moment. Something I'll remember kind of curiously for a very long time. Things like that always seem to happen in Vancouver.

    I hope flowers are blooming when I make it back to Saskatoon. I'm sure going to miss all the blooms and lushness here.

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    All this beautiful stuff DOES grow here like weeds! When we're walking about, Kevin often comments on yards that are "over-grown" but to me they're gorgeous! I love that over-grown look. And it's so thick with beautiful foliage and blooms that weeds don't even stand a chance. That's my kind of garden.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my photos. I've never been particularly good with a camera and I still have lots to learn about the one I have. It's a Panasonic point and shoot. Nothing very fancy. A step below the DSLR cameras. I have better luck with outdoor photos than indoor ones for the most part. I think that's common. I could stand to learn a lot more about flash and making adjustments.


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