Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling Alright!

Another good day. I feel good. My limbs feel good. I don't tire as easily as usual. I felt good when I woke up. Rested. After working for the afternoon, I didn't feel wasted in the afternoon and evening. I still had good energy. That's fantastic! I feel mostly normal! I'm not going to get TOO excited. I don't want to be too disappointed if I don't feel quite so good tomorrow. But I'm hopeful.

I had a shoulder massage this morning. My shoulders are making great progress, especially my right one. My range of motion is greatly improved from where it was 2 weeks ago. My left is coming along as well but has much further to go. The massage really helps. It still amazes me how much the massage therapist accomplishes with such slow, patient, gentle motion and manipulation.

It's exciting to see growth in the garden. Soon there will be some blooms.

Amazing that Montreal won that series, isn't it?! WOW!

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  1. So good to hear. (Fingers crossed that it stays this way - and better)

  2. Thanks, Laurel! Keep those fingers crossed!!


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