Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heading West to More Rain

We're packed ... the house sitter has all the instructions ... the garbage is taken out ... the plants watered ...

In a couple of hours we'll be winging our way to Vancouver for Hannah's convocation! YIPPEE!! I'm so excited. The ceremony is on Thursday at 1:30 and then we'll have a family dinner (Kevin's parents, Mom, Uncle Norm and Aunt Ruth, Luke, Kevin and I and possibly a few others) at a swanky restaurant and then to Finches for a dessert and champagne evening. I can't wait!

I'll bet there will be lots more happening in the garden by the time I get back.



  1. Have a super great time. Sounds like you have several days of 'busy' coming up.
    Sorry I'm so dense sometimes... never even thought to offer to check in on your place while you're away - considering Kevin did such a fine job for us a little while back.
    Congratulations to Hannah.

  2. Congrats to Hannah! Enjoy your time in Vancouver with family and celebrating this joyous event. I look forward to seeing some convocation pics.



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