Friday, May 28, 2010

Shock and Awe!

After dinner at Chambar, we made our way about 3 blocks to Finch's, where Hannah has worked for the past 5 years. It's a very quaint, popular little cafe. Hannah arranged to have it for the evening so we could have a champagne and dessert party there after dinner.

She told us she was making some desserts but we insisted she NOT spend her time baking for her own graduation party and that she should let us know where we could pick up some tasty treats for the occasion. She ignored us and made almost ALL of these amazing desserts! In her skimpy little oven! Don't they look fabulous?!! They were! The macarons were SO good! I can't wait to try making them myself.

Chocolate macarons (because she knew I'd been obsessing over them), Polish cheese cake (with vodka soaked raisins and poppy seeds), lime syrup glazed cupcakes, creme brulee, coconut macaroons (made by Hannah's friend, Jill), rhubarb jellied compote ... very good with the cheese cake. Hannah is such a good cook!

And then she announced that this was not, in fact, her graduation party. It was our 25th wedding anniversary party! WHO KNEW?!! So we had a party with family, music, drinks, sweets, a charming environment, and a great group of Hannah's friends, many of whom helped her put this little soiree together. It was so lovely and Kevin and I were ... are ... so touched!

I was especially glad that Susan (Dani's Mom) was able to stop by for a while. We've been wanting to get together with her for a long time. She's been so good to Hannah all these years she's lived in Vancouver and has been very supportive to me, too, while I've been going through this cancer business. Even though her oldest daughter and her boyfriend had only just arrived from Australia, the three of them stopped by and it meant a lot to us.

Thanks Hannah and everyone else who helped her with this. It was sweet! VERY sweet!

Kevin stayed to help Hannah and her friends clean up after the party and then Hannah and all of her friends took Kevin dancing! When in Vancouver Kevin always ends up at some happenin' club with Hannah and bunches of her friends. He loves it! Me? I'm usually too whipped by the time the club scene gets underway. One of these days, though ... one of these days.



  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. What a milestone, and what a wonderful way to celebrate - surprise and all.

  2. Thanks, Berny and Laurel! My how time flies!


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