Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeling Reclusive

With the unusual amount of activity last week, I really feel the need for some down time. I slept yesterday until 11:30! I can't believe I slept that late. And I would probably have slept even longer if the phone hadn't rung (I'm glad it did). I was very tired when I answered the phone and was then so surprised to see the time!

Yesterday was a day off work. Good thing. My big adventure was a little shopping with my boy. We had promised him new sunglasses for his birthday and so shopping we went. He's a quick shopper so it didn't take long. While we were in the vicinity, we stopped at The Body Shop to buy the body butter I like (it travels well). There's a "scratch and save" kind of thing going on at The Body Shop right now and I got really lucky and scratched one of only a few 50% off deals. So I bought a few body butters and Luke bought a couple of "guy things", too. It felt like a lucky day!

Today felt a little more "normal", except for my joints and my left arm aching. That is so disappointing. It really must have been the morphine and/or antibiotics that gave me that wonderful relief. Kevin suggested I try those two leftover morphine pills and see if they make a difference. I might do that. I keep looking at them ... thinking about them.

Luke spent the day coaching lacrosse in the rain. I would have gone to watch a game or two if the weather had been better. As it was, I stayed holed up in the house doing laundry, baking cookies, watching movies and, of course, making yoyo's! This photo is of my yoyo stash. It takes up a big chunk of our dining room table now. This is 220 of the little suckers. I made 14 while watching Avatar. It was a long movie so about 10 per movie is a reasonable gauge, I think.

Kathy stopped by today. She's so refreshing. She's back from Costa Rica, has packed and moved out of her last year's place and is moving into her new place on Sunday and Monday. Just in time to leave on Wednesday for New York where she'll board the cruise ship where she'll work for the summer. She dropped off some interesting beer and some REAL tabasco sauce from Ricardo. How thoughtful of him! When Ricardo was here we had some interesting conversations about the kinds of food they commonly eat in Costa Rica. He loses weight when he's on the ship and gains weight when he gets home ... to his Mama's cooking! She makes great rice and beans. Now, I might have this backwards ... I can't quite remember which was which ... but Ricardo told me that where he's from they eat "rice and beans". In more urban centres, they eat "rice WITH beans". The difference is subtle but, apparently, significant. Interesting! He also said that to add a little bit of "heat" to a dish, they will put one super-dooper hot chili pepper in whole while the dish is cooking, being very careful not to break it open, which would render the dish inedible. I'm going to try that sometime. In fact, I'm quite interested in looking up some recipes that would be traditional in Costa Rica and trying them. Anyway, it was very nice to see Kathy!

Happy Birthday yesterday, Lynn!


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