Friday, May 7, 2010

Mission Complete - One Less Tooth To Worry About

The offending tooth is gone! Not without a fight mind you, but it is gone. The dentist and the assistant marveled at the size of my roots! One broke off but it wasn't hard to fish out, I was told. The roots were each twisty and pointing in different directions making it really hard to get them out.

I spent an hour in the dentist's chair ... I got extra doses of freezing ... and was out an hour later with some extra gauze and some instructions. I was quiet shaky when I left, which is typical for me. My body goes easily into shock. No big deal. I was a little surprised, though, when a half hour later I could feel "a fainting" coming on. I'm used to that feeling, too, so I knew to get myself prone on the sofa asap. And then I slept for 4 solid hours. I took morphine and tylenol before that so a good, long sleep was the very best thing I could do for myself, I think.

I made sure I had a banana before going to the dentist and since then I've had a pudding. It takes a very long time to eat a pudding under the circumstances. It will be nothing but mushy food for the next foods. The dentist told me that yogurt would be especially good for my mouth.

I have the antibiotics to continue with as well as a prescription "swish and swallow" concoction containing nystatin, prednisone, and benedryl. This was prescribed by the doctor in Emergency and my dentist recommends I continue taking it. She explained that it would be subscribed to someone whose immune system might already be compromised because an antibiotic alone could leave such a person open to other infections. She gave "thrush" as an example. She was, by the way, able to speak with my oncologist before my appointment and they both agreed with the course of action. So all is good.

I tell you, the past week has been a total blur. All I've really done is deal with this pain. While it's the worst pain I've ever experienced, I'd still choose a couple weeks of it over breast cancer, that's for sure.

I wonder if the morphine hasn't helped with my joint pains, too, or has it just been overshadowed my my dental issues? Or is being off the tamoxifen making a difference already? Hmmmm ... time will tell ... or not.

I'm dizzy! I keep deleting the periods because they look commas. They're not commas, it's just my vision being a little fuzzy. I think it's time to lie down again.

I do have a date with some friends to make sock monkeys tonight. It might be unrealistic to hope I can still join them. But maybe for a little while.

When I'm feeling better and steadier, I'll be able to take photos again, too. Sorry my blog has been so visually dull. I've been feeling a little dull myself.


  1. Heather, so glad to hear that there has been some relief for you. I can only imagine the pain you have been are truly a trooper.

  2. I hope that is the end of it for you. What an ordeal! I will call you next week. Take care.

  3. Hi Sue! Thanks for wincing with me! I don't think I'm much of a trooper. Then again, maybe I am. After all, I made it through that pain without jumping off a bridge!


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