Friday, May 28, 2010

Dinner at Chambar

What a fabulous dining experience! Hannah made dinner reservations for all of us at Chambar and it was awesome. I want to go back soon. There were some amazing cocktails on the menu that I wasn't able to try.

Hannah, Don and Syl, Mom, Norman and Ruth, Kevin, Luke, Ben (a beloved long-time friend of Hannah's) and me.

This is the pork dish I had. So yummy! The presentation for everything was great and it all tasted wonderful! The wine specialist was a scream! He obviously knows his stuff and has more than excellent guest management skills. Very charming.

The best cocktail I had was a "blue fig". It was roasted figs steeped in gin and then frozen. I expected it to be a "chunky" cocktail, but it wasn't. It looked more like a martini ... clear and in a martini glass ... with a side of Danish Blue Cheese! How cool is that?!! Some people might think that sounds gross, but it was VERY delicious - just a light hint of sweetness! I want another.

Here is the bracelet we got Hannah for her graduation gift. It's made by Arielle de Pinto, an artisan from Montreal who crochets gold chain. We got it at One of a Few, a lovely little boutique in the Gastown area of Vancouver. It is SO sparkly. Uncle Norman and Aunt Ruth gave Hannah a collection of lovely gifts ... a pretty fan ... a purse ... and this teapot that Aunt Ruth made. Hannah drinks about 10 cups of tea each day and she needed a good, substantial teapot.

Hannah was a little overwhelmed with all the attention and doting. She deserves it.


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