Thursday, May 13, 2010

Safe Gardening

Thanks so much for these, Chris! I have never been one for wearing gardening gloves. I prefer to get my hands dirty. I don't worry about my nails. But I've been told that now I'm supposed to be more careful and that I SHOULD wear gardening gloves. I'm to avoid cuts, scratches and insect bites in my left arm and hand because of my "compromised lymphatic system". Even though I didn't lose all my lymph nodes, apparently I'm still vulnerable and must be careful. These will be great! I really appreciate them, Chris. Gardening is just around the corner!

Today was a pretty good day. Maybe I wasn't quite as peppy as yesterday but still substantially better in general than I have been. I won't complain.

I was able to go to my splurge club meeting tonight. Usually splurge is on a weekend night and I've even had to miss many of those because I just don't have enough "oomph". But even though this was a Thursday night and I plan on working tomorrow, I felt I had enough energy to go! That's something! It was great to hang out with my splurge pals. I notice that my jaw is a little more sore, though ... all the laughing! Not so good for the jaw but very good for the soul.

And I won for July/August! When I win splurge, I always buy something for the house that I wouldn't have bought otherwise but that I love. I find that it reminds me of my splurge pals every day. It really does. My ottoman/bench in the family room ... the mirror in the living room ... the little table in the front hall ... my kitchen butcher block/island ... all these things remind me of my splurge buddies every day. One time I bought shoes and some other things with my splurge winnings but it's not the same, to me, as something more "permanent". I don't know what I'll get this time. Hmmmm ...
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  1. HI Heather!

    I like your gloves and hope you have a lot of fun with them in your garden this summer. I expect you'll be spending a little time watching lacrosse too :)

    Its nice to see that things are getting better with you. I think of you often and am glad you're enjoying yourself ... this splurge thing sounds interesting!!

  2. Hi Karen!

    Yes, we're watching lacrosse already as I'm sure you are, too! YEAH!!

    You really MUST put together a splurge club. If you need to know more, just ask. It's such a great way to meet new people and make some lifelong friends. We have such a good time together at our monthly get togethers. Lots of laughs.

    We were hoping to get to the island while we're in Vancouver next week but our time is turning out to be tight. That's a bit disappointing. Otherwise, we might be sitting at a lacrosse game with you! Dang! Next time, I guess.

    Miss you much! xo

  3. I miss you too Heather .. Have a wonderful time in Vancouver! Yes, definitely, we will see you another time :)



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